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3D Collision Simulations

Examples Of Physics Based Collision Simulation Videos

In this simulation/animation blend, a group of vehicles traveling down the highway brake for the lead vehicle suddenly stopping ahead of them on the highway. A trailing motorcyclist crashes into the right rear of the pickup truck in front it. FCS performed the reconstruction analysis in this case, along with these demonstrative video renderings.

Chain Reaction Braking MC Crash

The following collision simulation shows a pickup truck drive around a stationary vehicle waiting to turn left at an intersection and fails to yield for an approaching pickup truck. The crash was captured on an intersection traffic camera. This video, along with roadway evidence gathered at the scene was used by FCS to perform a reconstruction analysis.

Left Turn Intersection Crash Reconstruction

A speeding vehicle on a narrow city street enters the oncoming travel lane and collides with a vehicle heading in the opposite direction and causes severe injuries to the other motorist.  This simulation is from a case reconstructed by FCS and is based on crash Event Data Recorder evidence harvested from the speeding vehicle.  This EDR data made it possible to show the vehicle’s speed and steering leading to impact on the roadway.  Photogrammetry was also used to plot roadway evidence at the scene from police lapel video footage, which shows the location of impact on the roadway.  Our work incorporating the scientific and forensic evidence blew this case wide open and proved “who hit who” on the wrong side of the road.

Crossover Head-on Crash

This is a view of a reconstruction analysis performed by FCS which shows the results of our analysis as it relates to crash scene evidence and final rest locations of the vehicles as shown in the police crash diagram.

Left Turn City Crash - Diagram Overlay

An SUV traveling along a mountainous highway travels off the roadway to the right and collides with a large boulder and then falls into a river. A reconstruction analysis was performed using the data from the vehicle's event data recorder in the analysis. This video shows what happened and what would have likely happened if guardrail had been in place along the highway.

 SUV Travels Off Road Into River

The following collision simulation shows a collision that occurred when an Audi traveling southbound at a high rate of speed and loses control and yaws into the northbound lane, where it collides with Ford pickup traveling in the opposite direction.

Crossover Yaw Inline Crash

The following collision simulation is of an intersection crash that occurred when a driver of a southbound Jeep ran a red light and collided with a Subaru that was traveling westbound within the intersection.

Red Light Run Collision

Honda vs Jeep Wrangler Collision

The following collision simulation shows a collision that occurred within a four-way intersection.  A Jeep Wrangler performed a left turn into the intersection, directly into the path of the approaching Honda.  A collision ensues, resulting in the Jeep rolling over and both vehicles coming to rest as shown in the video.

The following collision simulation shows the results of two vehicles colliding within an intersection after one vehicle accelerates from a stop bar to cross the intersection but is struck broadside by in the intersection.

Intersection Crash

The following collision simulation shows a collision involving two vehicles within an intersection.  The force of the impact redirected the SUV toward the corner of the intersection, where a pedestrian was standing and was struck by the vehicle.

Intersection Crash Leads To Pedestrian Impact

The following collision simulation shows a collision that occurred on a country road between a pickup truck and a pedestrian that was crossing the roadway.  The dynamics of the crash are well represented, including the motion of the pedestrian from impact to final rest and the dynamic braking/deceleration of the truck prior to impact and extending to final rest.

Country Road Pedestrian Collision

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