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Crash Reconstruction
3D animation experts

Our Professional Services

Photogrammetry Services:

“We are experienced, trained and certified in the use of industry leading photogrammetry software, such as PhotoModeler which we frequently use in our forensic tool-set to render our expert opinions. Photogrammetry is a powerful tool that is used to measure and identify the position of vehicles, objects and people within photographs and videos.

Some examples when photogrammetry is used include, but are not limited to:

• Plotting and measuring of roadway evidence documented in photographs that was not recorded by scene investigators

• Measure crush damage sustained to vehicles that are no longer available for inspection but was documented in photographs

• Measure of the height of subjects in surveillance video

Accredited Traffic Crash Reconstruction Services:

We are highly trained and experienced national accredited traffic crash reconstruction experts that provide in-depth collision reconstruction services for:

• Conventional automobile collisions

• Heavy vehicle / Commercial Motor Vehicle collisions

• Motorcycle collisions

• Pedestrian & Bicycle collisions

Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Technician & Analyst Services:

• Vehicle Speed, vehicle performance information

• Collision force information during the crash pulse

• Front seat occupant restraint status

We are trained and qualified in imaging and interpreting crash data from event data recorders, AKA black-boxes in supported vehicles.  This data provides valuable information related to the collision event, such as:

Click here and watch Phillips & Millman LLP explain the benefit of black box data recovery. 

We are also trained, qualified and experienced inspectors of commercial motor vehicles to determine whether the vehicle was operating according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations at the time of the collision.

Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recovery, Analyst & Inspection Services:

We are trained and qualified in recovering event data from heavy vehicles, such as commercial motor vehicle tractor Electronic control modules (ECM's) and interpreting the data therein. This data can provide valuable information related to the event such as:

• Vehicle Speed over extended periods of time prior to and after the event

• Brake and clutch pedal application over time Vehicle diagnostic information

• Vehicle diagnostic, trip and performance information prior to and at the time of the event

3D Laser Scanning & 3D Laser Mapping Services:

We use the top industry leading 3D laser scanners and total stations to accurately measure, map and analyze vehicles and scenes to obtain the most accurate information possible in our reconstruction analysis.  We use this cutting edge equipment to create a scaled 3D models of the collision vehicles, crash scenes and environments for other areas of analysis, such as trip and fall cases.  We use the equipment to also create 3D animations and 3D simulations in our cases when necessary. 

3D Animation & 3D Collision Simulation Services:

We use the industry leading 3D software packages to accurately recreate crash scenes, damage to vehicles and collision sequences in both 3D animation presentations and in analyzing collisions with highly detailed physics solutions over milliseconds in time to accurately assess and recreate the collision scenario, which is then presented visually.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, a three dimensional animation and/or simulation video will provide much more than a single photograph can!

Refer to our 3D Animation and 3D Simulation pages for more information.

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